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Are You Ready for Spartan Race PH Alviera?

  • The Spartan PH craze continues with Spartan Race Alviera in Porac, Pampanga.
  • Participants can prep themselves with a robust training program and smart diet choices.
  • The right kind of head-to-toe gear can give anyone an additional advantage in training and during the race itself.

Are you ready for Spartan Race Alviera - Preparation


What are you in for?

Spartan Race Alviera is fast approaching, which means that long-time OCR buffs and newbies alike are in for a treat. It’s a good idea to come prepared, not just in terms of training but also in knowing what to expect on race day.

Are you ready for Spartan Race Alviera - What are you in for


The race

Spartan Race Alviera in Porac, Pampanga is one of many races in the Philippines that draws hundreds of fitness buffs and thrill-seekers. Originating in the USA, Spartan Race pushes participants to their limits physically and mentally.



This category might be the easiest of the three, but it’s no walk in the park. At five kilometers long, it contains 20 obstacles to test your skill and grit. The Sprint is one-third of the Spartan Trifecta.


If you’re ready for a more long-haul race, register for the Super. It’s twice as long as the Sprint and includes 25 obstacles. Consider this part two of the Trifecta.

Hurricane Heat

Team players will definitely enjoy the challenge of the Hurricane Heat. Participants are assigned a team on the day of the race and will work with their team to overcome obstacles on the trail. They’ll have to help each other out and cheer each other on to reach the finish line as a unit.


The venue

Pampanga, a province north of Metro Manila, is rich in heritage and natural resources. Spartan Race Alviera does a great job of showcasing this, while also giving adventure-seekers a place to play - and in the case of Spartan PH, to compete.


Getting ready

Are you ready for Spartan Race Alviera - Getting ready


Well-rounded training

Since you will need to run, climb, crawl, push, and pull to reach the finish line, you can’t do just one kind of exercise to prepare. Your workout routine should include both running and strength training. For the latter, don’t limit yourself to lifting weights. You can also develop strength through functional exercises. Be sure to include grip strength exercises, since you’ll be using your hands a lot on the obstacles.

You will need to train your brain, as well. When the race gets gruelling, the mental strength to want to keep going will give you a big boost. A positive attitude is a simple but powerful thing to have in your toolbox.


A clean diet

When you have less body fat, your body works more efficiently. This is why eating right is such an important part of preparing for Spartan PH. Get your carbohydrates from foods like rice, potatoes, or quinoa that aren’t overly processed. Throw in a lot of fruits and vegetables to strengthen your immune system, and protein for fuel.

No matter what you’re eating, it’s absolutely essential to hydrate. Men should aim for 125.1 fluid ounces of water a day, and 91.3 fluid ounces a day for women.

Investing in gear

Are you ready for Spartan Race Alviera - Investing in gear



Train with the shoes you plan to use at the actual race so that you can gauge if they can give you the mobility you need to take on different obstacles. Some things to look for are traction, water resistance, and a nice, comfortable fit. Don’t wear shoes that you might slip in; it’s a safety hazard and will make it harder to climb. Also avoid shoes made of any absorbent material, because you don’t want water and mud weighing you down.


A strong grip is crucial, and a good pair of gloves will help you even when your hand and arm muscles start to tire out. Your gloves should be sturdy, with a decent grip even when wet. Check out the weather forecast for race day. If it’s going to be hot, opt for fingerless gloves so that you can feel more comfortable and won’t need to worry about them slipping off when you start sweating.

Dri-fit clothes

Some first-timers are tempted to dress in cotton, but cotton is only light and fresh when it’s dry. Once it gets wet with sweat, water, or mud, it will lose its shape and stick uncomfortably to your skin. Instead, wear dri-fit clothing. It dries quickly and won’t get snagged on the obstacles.


Are you the right kind person for OCR?

There is no “wrong” person for OCR. You can get through the Spartan Race PH Alviera just as long as you put in the work and show up ready to roll on race day. Think of it as a challenge - not necessarily against other participants, but against your own fears and limitations. Download the OCR training guide now to help you prepare to earn that Trifecta.


Complete OCR Workout Plan


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