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Not Your Usual Party Games for Kids

  • When planning games for a kid’s party, you have to think of their differing ages, interests, attention spans, and what you think they would have the most fun doing together. 
  • Instead of the usual parlor games, change things up with active games that allow the kids to sneak in a bit of exercise while they play. 
  • Guide the kids through the games so that nobody gets hurt. Part of the fun is ensuring their safety. 

Group of 5 kids playing with flying confetti_Not Your Usual Party Games for Kids


Fun games set your party apart

Organizing kiddie parties offers a different challenge compared to adult parties. While it might be easier to plan a menu for a group of children, the entertainment, however, is a bit more tricky. You’ll want to bring the kids together with games they’ll enjoy and can easily participate in. 

There are a few things to consider when planning party games for kids. One thing to consider is what the average age of the guests is. It’s a good idea to have at least one game that everyone can join and have a chance of winning. In any case, try to limit intellectual games. Many kids enjoy puzzles and the like, but they probably get plenty of intellectual stimulation at school. When they’re at a party, they just want to have some lighthearted fun.


Don’t get too caught up aligning the games to the party’s theme, if ever there is one. The kids won’t mind and they probably won’t even notice, so don’t stifle your imagination and instead get creative. Keep in mind that kids tend to have short attention spans, which is why it’s smart to keep the games short, but sweet. If they drag on for a long time, the kids might get bored and feel less festive. 


Parties often come with a lot of treats, like gummies and cake. These games can balance out the sugar rush they’ll develop and will keep them interactive through the activities. 


Balloon Stomp

Kids stomping on purple and green balloons_Not Your Usual Party Games for Kids

For this game, you’ll need one balloon per guest, but it won’t hurt to have a few extras on the side, just in case. Blow them up to a small size, tie them shut, and then attach a string at the end of each one. Yarn or ribbons are a good alternative if you don’t have any string on hand. After that, line them up and tie a balloon on one ankle per participant. 


The goal is for them to protect their balloon from getting stomped on by other competitors. While giving instructions, make sure that you remind everybody: no pushing or hitting each other, please! When everyone’s balloons are secure, give them the go signal and let them have at it. Keep track of who gets their balloon popped and have them take a break until the next game. Consolation prizes aren’t necessary, but they’re definitely nice to receive, especially for the younger guests. The last one whose balloon is still intact is the winner. 


Pass the Bag

PHO_Group of kids playing in a circle_Not Your Usual Party Games for Kids_Pass the Bag

Prepare a garbage bag filled with clothes and specifically bring a speaker for the game’s music. The clothes can be any article of clothing, shirts, socks, shoes, scarves, and anything else you can come up with. The bigger the variety, the better. 


Begin by having the kids stand in a circle. Play some upbeat tunes and have them pass the bag to the person next to them. Let the bag circle through the kids for a while and then pause the music. Whoever the garbage bag lands on will have to rummage inside and wear whatever it is they grab for the remainder of the game. 


Keep this up until the bag is completely empty. You can cap it off with a fashion show or a wacky photoshoot of the participants to showcase their funny, random, and oversized outfits. 



Boys swinging through obstacles at PHO_Not Your Usual Party Games for Kids

Obstacle course racing isn’t exclusively for grown-up fitness buffs. Kids can do OCR, too, and an OCR birthday party is the perfect venue for them to try it out with their friends and playmates. Get everyone in the proper attire (comfortable shoes and ideally no cotton clothing) and have them take over the nearest outdoor course. They’ll be running, jumping, climbing, and crawling, all while helping each other out and cheering each other on.


As an alternative, you can also create a do-it-yourself obstacle course in your own home or backyard, consisting of chairs, mats, cushions, and other materials you can make use of. Whether you have it indoors or outdoors, be sure to guide the little ones along so they don’t accidentally hurt themselves. If you’re a parent to a bigger kid, you can tailor the course according to their age group and scale the obstacles to be a little more challenging. 


Given that OCR is more physically demanding than most parlor games, make sure you invigorate your tiny athletes and their friends with plenty of cold drinks. Also have a basic first aid kit at bay, in case someone gets scraped up while they play. 


Give the kids a good time

Group of happy kids smiling to the camera_Not Your Usual Party Games for Kids

For all their energy and wild ideas, children can be pretty easy to please. They don’t need fabulous prizes or complicated activities to enjoy themselves. As long as you put some thought into their party games and ensure that everybody can join in, they’ll be thrilled. Pick out some games where they can let loose and bring out their (friendly) competitive streak. The bonding and memories they get out of it will stay with them, long after the last guest goes home.


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