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Obstacle Course Races to Join in 2020

  • Fitness junkies like runners and lifters often transition to OCR when they have the urge to try something new in terms of exercise.
  • The appeal of OCR lies in its obstacles, its community, and the idea of achieving your body’s utmost physical potential.
  • OCR events in the country and all over the world are slowly gaining ground in the fitness community.

Obstacle Course Races to Join in 2020


Why so many are making the switch to OCR

A lot of fitness buffs fall in love with running marathons or lifting weights because of the high they feel when they achieve their workout goals. However, no matter how enjoyable these activities are, they can get boring after some time. That’s no reason to let them go completely, though. This is where obstacle racing comes in. OCR allows you to use the same muscles and movement, but in a new, fun way. 

Exciting new challenges

Obstacle Course Races to Join in 2020 - Exciting New Challenges 

OCR combines cardio and strength training with obstacles, giving you endless possibilities to sweat it out. On your way to the finish line, you’ll be carrying your own weight as you climb up a rope, or crawl through thick mud while ducking under barbed wire. Sounds exhilarating, right? These are the reasons Tough Mudder and Spartan have grown magnanimously since their establishment in 2010. The thrill you get when you join an OCR is incomparable. 

Reaching greater limits

Joe De Sena, the founder of Spartan, designed the race to be tougher than your typical marathon. He felt that even though marathons are a great workout, they don’t truly maximize an individual’s athletic potential. In his own words, “When I look at human beings at the start of a Spartan championship race, it’s like, wow, that’s the perfect body.”

A supportive community 

The OCR community is known to be warm, welcoming, and to a fun extent, intense. Some participants sign up as a whole team, but those going stag will have no problem finding a pack to join when race day comes. OCR enthusiasts are happy to lend a hand, especially to those who need it on the trail. After the event, OCR is also a great avenue to meet and interact with new people from different walks of life.


OCR events in 2020

Obstacle Course Races to Join in 2020 - OCR Events in 2020

With the growing interest in OCR, it’s no surprise that there is a surplus of races around the world, the Philippines included. The rise of Tough Mudder PH and Spartan Race PH is just the beginning. There’s no better time than now to sign up and get into the groove of OCR.



Pretty Huge Obstacles Community Races

For those looking to get started in obstacle course racing and have been training for their first race, there can be some who feel butterflies in their stomach just thinking about joining major OCR events. Look no further; to get a feel of the adrenaline rush and the sense of community at these races, test your mettle at one of PHO's regular community races before heading to your first outdoor race. 

Spartan Race PH Alviera

Spartan Philippines heads to Northern Luzon for the Spartan Race Alviera. On February 22nd, participants will enjoy running, climbing, and crawling through the rugged natural beauty that Porac, Pampanga has to offer.

Alviera Trifecta Weekend

Porac, Pampanga is not new territory to Filipinos who love OCR. It has served as the venue for many sports and other outdoor activities, including several OCR events, in the past years. The Alviera Trifecta Weekend 2020 is happening on October 24th and 25th. 

SEA Regional Series: Lima 2020

Pinoys just can’t get enough of Spartan Race! Malvar, Batangas will host the SEA Regional Series: Lima 2020 on April 28th. Participants can choose from Beast category with 30 obstacles across 21 kilometers, or for an even tougher time, the Spartan Ultra Challenge: 60 obstacles spread out over 50 kilometers.

Maharlika Warrior

The Maharlika Warrior is the all-original Filipino OCR event. It’s inspired by great battles fought by our Filipino warrior ancestors. OCR buffs will gather at Fort Santiago in Intramuros on March 15th to take on six short but intense kilometers of 20 obstacles - a historical feat right in the country’s capital.

Sante Barley Power Up OCR 2020

Sante Barley produces organic health and wellness products, and the Sante Barley Power Up OCR 2020 is their way of adding action to the mix. Set for March 29th at the Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub, the organizers invite anyone and everyone to sign up for either the three kilometer or seven kilometer race.



Obstacle Course Races to Join in 2020 - International OCR Races to Join in 2020

Savage Race

Over 100,000 people flock to the events of Savage Race every year to push their limits, which is why having one venue won’t be enough. There are Savage Race events occurring simultaneously all over the USA, featuring huge quarter pipes, up-and-down monkey bars that will put your upper body strength to the test, and Davy Jones’ Locker - a murky pool that participants must dive right into. After the 25 gruelling obstacles, everybody who crosses the finish line walks away with a medal, a t-shirt, a free beer, and a whole lot of mud on their clothes.

Rugged Maniac

The Rugged Maniac, also called the mud run, is held in several cities in the US and a few in Canada. The course is only five kilometers long, but it’s peppered with water slides, tunnels, curved walls, and logs that are literally burning as you leap over them. It sounds like a lot, and it definitely is, but there are no qualifying skill sets for joining. You just have to be at least 12 years old, which is great for all the daredevils out there!

Warrior Dash

The purpose of the Warrior Dash is to give participants a day to move around, get dirty, and challenge themselves. It combines athleticism, music, great food, and drinks - all good reasons for OCR enthusiasts to keep coming back for more. Warrior Dash is the biggest running series in the world, with thousands of contenders going in on 12 exciting obstacles.


You can sign up and start training today

When it comes to races in the Philippines, Pretty Huge Obstacles is your best bet when you want to be the best version of yourself on race day. It offers facilities that can help you prepare for what’s to come on the field and surrounds you with a community of OCR enthusiasts that are delighted to assist both old and new racers for their upcoming races. You won’t find a better local fitness scene that caters to OCRs like Pretty Huge Obstacles does!

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