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P&G Holds its Team Building at PHO

P&G Staff poses for a Team Building Photo Op at PHO

Team building events are just one of many among the stockpile of office events. Currently, it has accumulated an alarming amount of unsavoury reviews from employees everywhere, mainly due to disorganized and thoughtless event planning. Employee enthusiasm falters when it comes to team building events because activities are poorly selected and clashes with the company demographic or culture.

However, when team building is done right, you can count on it to have a mind blowing impact, especially to a multinational corporation like P&G. Having over 300 employees and multiple departments, P&G relies on man power to keep things business as usual. It’s not an overstatement to say that their employees are the heart of the company.

P&G’s objectives were fairly simple, they wanted to heighten employee relationships through collaboration and learning. Based on the feedback of the participants, they were reminded of these troop fundamentals after sweating it out:

The importance of teamwork

As they all say, no man is an island. With an obstacle course as big and intense as Pretty Huge Obstacles, employees were bound to encounter some burly challenges along the way. The participants were able to jump from one obstacle to another, but they expressed that the teams wouldn’t have been able to do so without each other’s help. They were compelled to think on their feet and work as a team, giving them the chance to collaborate on ideas and strategize towards a common goal.

The value of camaraderie 

While it’s vital to cultivate a fun atmosphere during team events, it is equally important to create a joint sense of purpose. As each obstacle got more complex, even the most distant of colleagues got to rely on each other to make it to the finish line. Employees were able to feel the support of their work buddies through the simplest of cheers, which they described, motivated them to keep going. It built company loyalty when the participants realized that they were all in this together, leaving no one behind. 

The significance of trust

Company hierarchies form one way or another because of differing employee positions, which is why it’s important to make sure that the whole team from the bottom up shares a solid foundation of trust. The typical trust falls were thrown out the window and replaced with wall obstacles that gave employees the opportunity to get closer with their seniors and managers. Participants said trust was essential to their success throughout the activities. Without it, they wouldn’t have been able to surpass even the easiest of obstacles. 

How this applies in the workplace 

From their team bonding experience, the employees were happy to convey that they would definitely be able to apply their efforts within the team building event, to their 9-5 work hours. It gave them the perfect avenue to comfortably communicate with one another, and it broke the ice between acquaintances. Teamwork, camaraderie, and trust, all these strengthened co-worker relations. They admit that this would add value to their work, having to be surrounded by people they genuinely get along with makes what they do for a living more meaningful and enjoyable. 

Victory is theirs

Overall, P&G’s employees all agreed that their team building was a success! It’s time to crush the notion that team buildings are dull and pointless by conducting your team buildings at Pretty Huge Obstacles. You’re sure to have a blast with your colleagues and your bosses. 

Watch the recap video below: 




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New Class Announcement: ANIMAL FLOW Pretty Huge Class Highlight: ZUMBA P&G Holds its Team Building at PHO
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P&G chooses Pretty Huge Obstacles to be their team building venue. Get to know the highlights of the event and how PHO helped achieve their goals.

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