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Pretty Huge Class Highlight: AERIAL SILKS, HOOP, AND POLE

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Name of Class: Aerial Silk, Hoop, and Pole

Class Description: A high intensity interval training class for those looking for a short but heart pumping workout

Benefits: Overall strength and control of your body

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Intensity: From low to medium

Calories Burned: 300-400

Coaches: Josyne Pacaldo and Kayleen Ortiz

Schedule: Mondays 7 and 8 PM, Wednesdays 7 and 8 PM, Saturdays 1 and 3 PM

Things to Bring: Comfortable yoga clothes, water bottle, towel, and an open mind

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Started from the bottom and now they’re here! Polecats Manila welcomes everyone to their world of aerial dance with their #1 goal of empowering all genders, no matter their age, shape, and size, that they can work the pole, too. They’re the first and biggest aerial arts school in the Philippines so rest assured that you’ll be learning the foundations of the craft from the pioneers themselves.

Our basic and intermediate classes are composed of Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock, and mixed-level Pole Dancing. Each class requires a certain level of dance experience but aside from the intermediate classes, beginners are free to challenge themselves. If you have a fear of heights, this is your chance to conquer it because in just 1 hr and 30 minutes, you can learn a few inverts, mounts, splits, and even tricks in the air!

Polecats instructors will make sure every student is comfortable enough to participate so take this opportunity to empower yourself in a way you haven’t done so before. Depending on the class you’ll be taking, come in wearing either leggings down to your ankles, or shorts, with a cotton shirt up top for smooth movement on the dance floor. Beginners and first timers are more than welcome to join us, so don’t risk the FOMO and fly high!

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