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Pretty Huge Class Highlight: BODY ARMOUR

Name of Class: Body Armour 

Class Description: A class designed to build your strength to prepare and build you up to do what you've always wanted to do. Not to mention make you ripped along the way.

Benefits: Increased muscle mass, Improved bone health, Decreased risk of injury

Duration: 1 hour

Intensity: Depends on the program of the day

Calories Burned: No estimate, depends on how the the client’s body reacts to the workout

Coach: Gerome Casauay

Schedule: Tuesdays, 6PM-7PM

Things to bring: Stable shoes (trainers), water and mental focus

Class Highlights Body Armour infrographic-10

If you’re looking for a class designed to improve your overall physical well-being, our Body Armour class is the answer. A stronger body prepares and builds you up to do what you’ve always wanted to do, no matter what that is. Not only will you be stronger, this class will also make you more ripped than before.

In our Body Armour class, so called because it helps toughen up your body, you can expect an increase in muscle mass for that definition you’ve always wanted. You’ll also benefit from improved bone health. Combine that with stronger muscles and you’re looking at a decreased risk of injury.

Class intensity will vary, depending on the program of the day. Don’t worry, we’ll be making the most out of our 1-hour weekly class for you. Our coaches will make sure of it. Calories burned will vary per client depending on how your body reacts to the workouts for the day.

Make sure you have a pair of stable trainers, water, and the mental focus to last the full hour, and book a slot in our Body Armour class for a better, leaner, stronger you.




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