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Pretty Huge Class Highlight: KETTLEBELL


Pretty Huge Class Highlight - Kettlebell

Name of Class: Kettlebell

Class Description: A form of exercise regimen which can cover four fitness components: Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, and Body Fat Percentage. Effectively address the time management factor in your fitness program with these highly efficient exercises.

Benefits: Holistic training activity for muscular and cardiovascular development. Development of physical fitness threshold.

Duration: 1 hour

Intensity: Open to all fitness levels

Calories Burned: 1000+

Coach: Bong Villareal

Schedule: Fridays, 8:30 AM

Things to bring: Water bottle, towel

Pretty Huge Class Highlight - Kettlebell - Chart Levels

1000 calories in 1 hour. That’s how unbelievably fast and effective the Kettlebell workout is. Swing a cast-iron ball like an Olympian in Ancient Greece, where strength, endurance, and flexibility training are the main pillars holding it together. Majority of advanced fitness enthusiasts prefer Kettlebell exercise methods because despite the time-crunch, it’s full of vigor and can simplify workout routines in just one session.


Kettlebell goes beyond conventional weightlifting. It’s a full-body workout that expertly tones you up and sheds body fat through wide-range movements. Every lunge, swing, and squat you do with a kettlebell can activate multiple muscle groups in your body, all at once. Each exercise you perform will challenge you to hold your balance and that alone, enriches your core, making every drop of sweat worth it. 


Squash your Achilles heel through this jam-packed class that will eat up all of your energy (in the best way) in just under 60 minutes! There’s no qualifying fitness level for you to sign up. Catch us every Friday at 8:30 AM with your water bottle and towel in hand. In Kettlebell, no one will stop you from going heavy, so go all out for that leaner physique!


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