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Pretty Huge Class Highlight: OMG

Pretty Huge Class Highlight OMG

Class Description: A class that combines Olympic weightlifting, Metabolic conditioning, and Gymnastics for a full body workout that will really make you exclaim OMG! 

Benefits: Better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength, and balance 

Duration: 1 hour 

Intensity: High intensity functional movements 

Calories Burned: 500-800 

Coach: Nathaniel Sanchez 

Schedule: Mondays 6 PM- 7 PM 

Things to bring for the class: Workout attire, hydration, gymnastic gloves if available, knee support if available, wrist wrap if available, and weightlifting belt. Try to wear training shoes. No trail shoes.

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Mondays got you shouting OMG? Don’t worry, beat your Monday blues at PHO with our own version of OMG: Olympic weightlifting, Metabolic conditioning, and Gymnastics. What better way to make the most out of your Monday, right?

Join us as we conquer the day with a class that combines the strength-building of Olympic weightlifting, the calorie-burning of metabolic conditioning, and balance and flexibility work of Gymnastics, all in a 1-hour session that maximizes high-intensity functional movements to get the most out of you. Enjoy better overall health and posture, too.

What more are you waiting for? Grab your workout attire, hydration (if you have gymnastic gloves, knee supports, wrist wraps, and a weightlifting belt, bring those, too), slip on some training shoes (not trail shoes!), and head on over to Pretty Huge Obstacles every Monday from 6-7 P.M. for a class that will surely have you exclaiming OMG!

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