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Pretty Huge Class Highlights: BODY BLAST


Name of Class: Body Blast 

Class Description: Get your whole body moving! this is a class that gives you a whole body workout to keep you fit, healthy, and strong. 

Benefits: Fat burn, muscle toning

Duration: 1 hr

Intensity: Mid to high

Calories Burned:

Coach: PHO Lady Coaches

Schedule: Tuesdays 6 PM- 7 PM

Things to bring: Hydration Bottle

Class Highlights-Body Blast infog

Looking for a class that gets your whole body moving? Hoping to join a class that gives your whole body a workout to keep you fit, healthy, and strong? Do you want to burn fat and tone your muscles all in one 1-hour class? Pretty Huge Obstacles has just the class for you - Body Blast!

Get up and head down to Pretty Huge Obstacles for a class filled with intense exercises and inspiring coaches. You and other participants will relish the vigorous movements designed to harness and develop your metabolic conditioning, thus letting you burn more calories during your workout and maximizing the calories burned after the workout. Feel the burn as you go through each exercise, and get ready to be in the fittest, strongest shape you’ve ever been in.

It’s tough finding a class that you’ll dread looking forward to yet love at the same time, but we’ve managed to develop just the right program for people like you. Grab your hydration bottle, book a slot, and get ready to change your life for the better - you’ll wish you had done it sooner!



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