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Spartan Race Training Tips from PHO's SGX Coaches

  • SGX training is made for first-time Spartan racers.
  • SGX coaches suggest well-rounded Spartan race training, from physical training to mental preparation.
  • Your preparations should also extend to what you eat, how much you rest, and what gear you’ll use.

    Spartan Race Training Tips from PHO SGX Coaches


Spartan Race PH and SGX training go together

Getting ready for your first- ever Spartan PH race can be nerve-wracking. SGX coaches Xenos Soto, Gerome Casauay, and Iris Torculas are familiar with the ins and outs of Spartan, and they’ve got you covered.

SGX training is specifically designed to prepare you for the Spartan Race. According to Coach Iris, also known as Iron Iris, SGX training is recommended for first-timers of Spartan or any OCR event. Coach Xenos describes it as a “preview” of the real Spartan Race where racers get to work with Spartan-certified trainers like him and learn the ropes of race day, and even how to handle last-minute changes and course alterations.


How is Spartan PH different from other OCR events?

Our coaches and many others agree: Spartan is the most popular OCR event around. Coach Xenos points out that it’s also the pioneer in bringing OCR to countries all over the globe.


What can I expect at Spartan PH races?

Spartan Race Training Tips - What can I expect at Spartan PH races


Obstacles, mud, trail, a majestic view of nature, camaraderie, and people choosing to change their lifestyles are some of the awesome things Coach Gerome says you can find at Spartan Race Philippines. Coach Xenos adds that you’ll get to see athletes tackling obstacles with techniques that come from the foundation of human movements - like how animals move.

As for the experience, Coach Iris says to expect a real physical and mental challenge. However, at the same time, you can expect to have a lot of fun.


What your training should look like

How should I prepare for Spartan PH?

PHO Tips from SGX Coaches - Coach Iris giving tips

Coach Iris gives tips on how to conquer an obstacle.

There are several aspects of Spartan Race Philippines to think about. Coach Iris suggests, before anything else, to decide on a category. This will determine what kind of training will best help you achieve your goals. Try using this helpful checklist from Coach Xenos to make sure your training program is complete:

  • Mental and emotional preparation
  • Physical training
  • Nutrition
  • Adequate rest

Lastly, Coach Gerome recommends nailing down your running technique early. You’ll have to do a lot of running to get to each obstacle, so be sure to have a decent balance of cardio training and strength and other obstacle-related training.


What kind of training program do the coaches use to help participants prepare?

PHO Tips from SGX Coaches - Coach Gerome gives pointers on proper form

Coach Gerome gives pointers on proper form during a class.

All of our coaches agree that you should include a good amount of strength training and conditioning. Combine that with a smart strategy for tackling obstacles in the most efficient way possible, and you’ll be unstoppable once you hit the trail.


When should I start preparing and how often should I train?

According to the coaches, you should start at least three months before the race - definitely no later. If you’re truly committed, you can start training as early as six months before the big day. This applies to all categories. Our experts all say that three times a week is a safe number for Spartan Race training.


Which PHO obstacles should I incorporate into my training?

Coaches Xenos, Gerome, and Iris all say that there’s no single obstacle that you should favor over others while training. You need to be familiar with all of them. Coach Xenos can assure you that there is no obstacle that will entirely prepare you for the race.

When it comes to exercises, they’re in agreement again: everyone must know how to do burpees. Burpees are the penalty for skipping an obstacle, and even if you try but can’t overcome it in the end, you’ll still have to do a set of burpees, so it’s a smart move to master them early. As Coach Iris puts it: “Train to fail.”


What should I do as the race nears?

PHO Tips from SGX Coaches - Coach Xenos guiding a participant over an obstacle

Coach Xenos guides a student over an obstacle.

In the last two to three weeks before the race, continue your performance-based Spartan race training and get familiar with the obstacles and your gear. Coach Xenos says that at this point, you should use the gear you’ll use on race day every time you train.

On the day itself, Coach Iris encourages us to study the map and sequence of the obstacles. This will make it easier to create a plan and put your mind at ease. Once you’ve made that plan, stick with it. Race day is not the time to try something you’ve never done before.


Tips for dieting and mental preparation

What you put into your body has a huge impact on what your body can do. Coach Gerome chooses whole foods to give him the fuel needed to power all the way through the obstacle course.

For the mental part of your training, it’s important to trust your body and the program. Coach Iris says that you may do better on the race if you try to visualize it first. Above all else, stay focused, even if you experience some minor slip-ups. They won’t bother you so much when you have your eyes on the prize.


The best gear to invest in

A hydration pack and a reliable pair of shoes will take you a long way in an OCR event. Coach Xenos emphasizes that your shoes should be the same ones you’ve practiced in, so don’t break out a brand new pair right before the race.

Although they’re not something you can buy, the coaches recommend maintaining calluses from your training and putting them to good use on race day. If you aren’t confident that your hands are calloused enough, bring a pair of gloves - preferably, garden gloves with latex.


Anyone can make the most of SGX training

SGX training isn’t just a great way to prep for Spartan. It’s also a big help for anyone living an active lifestyle, or aspiring to do so. Get into SGX training to enjoy the full benefits for your mind and body.

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